American Pest Control Company Serves Both Professional and Handy Men

American Pest Control has been established in April of 1992 in the Queens district. AAV American Pest Control Company is an expert licensed pest control company, duly registered by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to provide pest control services within the state of New York. The company has dedicated itself to protecting the community and preserving the natural heritage of the state. In addition, they are specialists in organic pest control services, and work closely with other conservation organizations to co-exist in a safer and healthier environment.

As one of the leading pest control services, AAV offers both the professional extermination services and services for pest control maintenance. They are fully capable of handling all sorts of pests, including common household insects, termites, cockroaches, fleas, and mold and mildew. If you want to get rid of those bed bugs at home or office, contact AAV. Their team of professionals will give the best service available for both commercial and domestic applications.

AAV’s skilled technicians are highly skilled and trained in integrated pest management practices to effectively eliminate both bed bug infestations and also other forms of pests. With the help of these technicians, any customer can be assured of the best pest control services in town. Since they are experts in this field, most of them understand the seriousness of the bed bug problem. They ensure that their clients get the best treatment, after an inspection of their premises. They also assure that their customers receive periodic updates about the pest problem from their pest control company. In short, customer service and reliability are the hallmarks of any successful pest control company.

AAV pest control company has well-trained technicians who can solve any pest problem promptly. They have a team of qualified and experienced technicians who work together to make sure that their clients receive the best service. Since AAV is fully equipped with the latest tools and techniques, these technicians know how to tackle any pest problem, swiftly and safely. These trained technicians can use tools like heat treatments, foggers, vacuums, and other tools to exterminate bugs and pests. With their knowledge of the latest techniques and tools required for effective pest management, AAV’s technicians ensure that all their customers are treated safely and effectively.

As soon as a customer calls up American Pest Control Company for an inspection, one of the technicians arrives at the premises in no time. He or she starts conducting a thorough inspection of the premises. Once done, the technician informs the customer about the exact nature of the bed bugs detected. This information helps the customer immediately take necessary steps to eliminate the problem. The customer service technicians assure that they will continue to help their customers until their premises is free of bed bugs.

One of the most important tasks performed by American Pest Control Company’s technicians is to conduct termite inspections. They do this on a monthly basis. This helps ensure that the termites have not made a home for themselves in any part of the house. If you are calling up American Pest Control Company for an inspection, be sure to mention the termite condition of the place so that you can be informed about what steps to take once the technicians arrive. The company’s technicians can tell you which treatment options are applicable to your situation and can guide you towards a healthy solution.

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